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Portable Type Ultrasound RF Cavitation Slimming Machine

Mark & model  :  SU-4Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  ChinaQuality standard  :  InternationalSubmit date  :  2014-10-27H.S.Classification  :   Instruments…


Mark & model : SU-4

Origin : Asia and Pacific Area China

Quality standard : International

Submit date : 2014-10-27

H.S.Classification : Instruments & Apparatus Medical Instruments 9018 Medical instruments; electro-diagnostic apparatus

Product profile : Portable Type Ultrasound RF Cavitation Slimming Machine

Product Description

This unit use continuous output mode, which accordance with acting on the human body parts and operational methods for enhancing operation. Energy output is divided into 50 files, I ~ 50 files of energy from low to high, according to the needs of physical therapy choose to use a different stall; Acting on the body's energy value range is from 1J to 50J, when in operation, users can accord to the patient's capacity to adjust the energy, increase or decrease in volume of 1J. The working hours are dynamic countdown display; Each program is sorted, refined, and processed by the highly experienced physicians, which based on several years of clinical nursing experience, and combined with the scientific theory of human life. And then be abstracted into a certain law of mathematical functions, and process by computer.


TFT LCD Display 8 inch true color touch screen

Technology Cavitation+Vacuum+(Monopolar RF+Tripolar RF)

Cavitation frequency 40KHz

Cavitation Max Power 25W

Tripolar RF 1MHz (output frequency); 50 Watts (Maximum output power)

Monopolar RF 1MHz (output frequency ); 50 J (Maximum output power)

Vacuum Pressure 1000kpa

Product application and contraindication

Cavitations: Blast fat on arm, abdomen, buttocks and thigh, and improve the skin.

RF: Cheek, lower jaw, neck skin tightening; Nasolabial fold improvement; Waist and abdomen, limbs, weight loss; Hips, big legs, orange

peel-like skin improvement.

Vacuum: Imitate humanoid hand massage for all body parts, help fat exercise and break down fat, using a professional head to produce

negative pressure and make regularly negative pressure massage, promote lymphatic drainage and increase skin elasticity effect.

And other around medical electronic devices are banned on the use;


Light source

Q-Switch ND:YAG solid-state laser

Wavelength range


Energy level


Pulse duration


Pulse rate




Cooling System

Water cooling

Net weight


Packing weight


Power requirement


Work Mode

Continually work with intervals

Spot Size

Continually adjustable


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