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 Mona SHR950s IPL+Elight+SHR 3 in 1 hair removal machine

The SHR-950S combines IPL, E-light and SHR technology in one system to satisify different treatment requirement


Model: SHR950s

Work Theroy

* The SHR-950S combines IPL, E-light and SHR technology in one system to satisify different treatment requirement.

* SHR mode gently heats the hair follical and the clients feeling is only warmth and a tingling sensation, some clients comparing it to a warm massage.

* SHR mode also utilize In-Motion technology, where the hand piece is always in motion over the skin.


* Everlasting Hair Removal

The unwanted hair under arms, legs, lips, or other body parts

* Skin Rejuvenation

Shrink pores, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity and glossiness

* Pigmentation Removal

Removal various kinds of pigment such as freckle, chloasma, aged spots, sunbum, etc.

* Acne Removal


Wave Length

HR: 650-950nm SR: 560-950nm


IPL & E-light: 10-50 J/cm2 SHR: 1-10J/ cm2


IPL & E-light: 1 HZ SHR: 1-8 HZ

RF Power


Input Power


Power Source

Pure Sapphire


UK lamp, guarantee 300,000 shots

Spot Size

10*40mm for SR, 15*50mm for HR

Cooling System

Watering Cooling + Air cooling + Semi Conductor cooling

Treatment advantage of SHR950S

1. Super large spot size for easier and faster body hair removal treatment

2. Auto identified system of the treatment heads, you can change the position when you install the hand pieces.

3. The system utilize UK imported flash lamp and 300 000 shots life span

4. Intellectual temperature and water flow protectors for safe running

5. The treatment head is made of pure sapphire crystal

6. The system combines diode laser hair removal technology withe benefits of the intense pulsating light technology to achieve practically painless result


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